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Affordable Services for Industrial Facilities

Industrial plants and facilities typically call for complex electrical systems for sophisticated operational models in order to function efficiently. Automated electrical systems are critical for dependable, daily operations and need to be maintained frequently to be well-regulated. Industrial electrical systems that are not efficient or malfunction can result in significant problems like costly downtime and losses in revenue.


Industrial Electrician Schaumburg

Industrial Electrician Schaumburg

Huizinga Enterprises, Inc. has an experienced Industrial Electrician Schaumburg services team with a comprehensive knowledge of the technical and time-sensitive demands of contemporary industrial facilities. Our team offers expertise in strategizing, new installation, maintenance and fast troubleshooting for plants, manufacturing facilities and industrial complexes of all scopes and layouts. We have worked with some of Chicagoland’s most dynamic companies – let us partner with you for all your company’s Industrial Electrician Schaumburg needs

A Dependable Team

The Huizinga Enterprises, Inc. team brings technical expertise and consistent customer care for any type of industrial applications. We provide:

Reliable Project Management. For large projects, our experienced Industrial Electrician Schaumburg team can oversee a project and assures that it remains on schedule and on budget.
Accurate Design-Build Services. The Huizinga team can assist in the design of all electrical systems for any type of industrial building before principle construction starts. We follow projects all the way through to installation and can then provide preventative maintenance and cost effective upgrades.
Technical Expertise. Every Industrial Electrician Schaumburg on our staff is insured, licensed and background-checked. We have been providing Industrial Electrical Schaumburg solutions for many years. Our electricians bring an eye for detail and customer service to assignment.

The services we provide include: electrical circuits, power distribution, lighting, fire alarm, energy management, process equipment, generators and power back-up systems and process automation.

Industrial Construction Electrical Solutions

We are an established contractor with a record of excellent industrial construction electrical services. Having worked with types of industrial entities in Chicagoland, we know the specific challenges involved with the installation of sophisticated electrical systems for contemporary industrial plants and facilities.

Huizinga Enterprises, Inc., is fully focused on making your next industrial construction endeavor go as smoothly as it possibly can. Each of our Schaumburg industrial electrical clients benefit from a number of our services:

Industrial Electrician – Industrial Installations

Industrial electrical installations demand expertise, attention to detail and safety and efficient project management skills. Huizinga Enterprises, Inc., is a leading source of industrial installation for Illinois plants and facilities with complex electrical requirements. Our Industrial Electrician Schaumburg team is experienced in:

The Huizinga team has thorough training and expertise with all of these industrial electrical services that are so essential for any facility to remain competitive in today’s changing environment. We understand all about the specific demands of industrial locations that simply must remain operational with minimal or zero downtime. Additionally, our Industrial Electrician Schaumburg confirm that all of installation services are finished safely, on schedule and within your project. The Huizinga team offers the whole package when it comes to industrial electrical requirements – it’s why businesses all over Chicagoland have relied on us!

Our licensed electricians are ready to analyze your industrial electrical needs. You’ll find that our project estimates are fair and always dependable: if we come on board with you, rest assured your project will be completed to your satisfaction.