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From restaurants and retail shops to office buildings or hair salons, commercial buildings each bring their own set of particular challenges when it comes to electricity needs. When electrical interruptions and other problems happen, it can put a damper on productivity and revenue – plus the expense and time needed for repairs.


Commercial Electrician Schaumburg

Huizinga Enterprises, Inc. has a team of licensed electricians in Chicagoland that specializes in Commercial Electrical Schaumburg services. We are aware of the specific needs of businesses in today’s competitive marketplace and experienced in servicing all kinds of commercial facilities. At affordable rates, we’ll repair, install new wiring and equipment and maintain your electrical systems on a schedule that’s convenient for you.

Commercial Electrician Schaumburg – Full Services for the Suburban Business Community

Whether your office needs an entirely new electrical system or just a few new outlets and lighting for a conference room, our Commercial Electrician Schaumburg will get it done for you at affordable rates. Some of the electrical solutions we provide are:

Commercial Electrician Schaumburg – Commercial Installation

Electrical problems and service interruptions can result in headaches for most any kind of commercial enterprise. This is why it’s so essential that businesses in the suburban community turn to Commercial Electrician Schaumburg with experience in installation services who can work according to the needs of the client and their customers.

Installations and Upgrades for Businesses, Offices, Commercial Buildings, Retailers and Restaurants

Our dedicated team of certified commercial electricians have experience doing installs and upgrades to electrical systems for many different types of businesses so they can keep operating at their most efficient. We can install or service commercial electrical systems for new commercial construction and remodeling, for any kind of business. Some of the services we provide include:

Lighting Systems: ballast and fixture installation, exterior and emergency lighting
Power Distribution Systems: power circuitry, generators and transformers
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning: wiring, pre-wiring and hookups
Communication and Data Cabling: computers, audio/video and data wiring
Building Automation: Programmable logistics controller for multiple types of systems

Call Huizinga Enterprises, Inc., for timely installation of commercial electrical systems for: law and medical office buildings, school buildings, athletic facilities, multiple unit residential buildings, hotels, storage facilities, retailers, restaurants, commercial gyms, hair salons and more!

Experienced Commercial Electrician – Affordable Rates, Convenient Scheduling

Our Commercial Electrician Schaumburg team is always informed on our industry’s latest innovations and technologies. We stay knowledgeable about industry best practices and upgrades that can make your electrical system more efficient. To protect your commercial building and to stay in compliance with the latest industry guidelines and electrical codes, we always obtain the necessary permitting, conduct the relevant inspections and get any other approvals needed for your location.

As a part of Huizinga Enterprise’s total commitment to excellent customer care, we supply our valued customers with ongoing updates on our progress, project information and no-nonsense estimates.

Why allow your commercial building, apartment building, parking lot, retail location, office or factory floor be less efficient or less safe than it should be? Get in touch with Huizinga Enterprises, Inc. at 888-505-3147 today and learn more about our affordable Commercial Electrician Schaumburg solutions.