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From your facility’s power source all the way to the final parts of moving equipment. If you’re a business that makes a product, operates utilities or produces power, HEI can supply everything that you’ll need to efficiently control your downtime while keeping your facility at optimal efficiency – which is an essential part of your drive towards success.

A system that receives consistent, quality maintenance can help increase dependability, equipment “uptime,” increase safety, reduce operational costs and avoid those unexpected outages that hurt your bottom line. At HEI, we have the Industrial Electrical Power background and knowledge to successfully manage your electrical system.

Industrial Electrical Power


Industrial Electrical Power

Design and Start Up

We can provide reassurance that your facility’s new technology and equipment is installed correctly and will operate as it is designed.

Consistent Operations

With HEI’s Industrial Electrical Power expertise, our customers gain valuable peace of mind by simply knowing their electrical systems are reliable, productive and functioning safely.

Planning for Long Term Success

We perform maintenance and installations that can keep your facility at top efficiency. We also help you develop long-range plans that will keep your equipment safe and serviceable.

HEI is an established full-service electrical contractor with a long history of providing customer satisfaction and savings. Whether your facility needs an electrical contractor for repairs to a complex network of components or for an aging system with open switches and fuses many years old, our electrical services can bring the solutions you need to improve efficiency and to stay operational.

HEI understands that a truly valuable electrical service is about much more than standard wiring and light fixture replacement. As your Industrial Electrical Power contractors, we will supply dependable maintenance and support for the components at the heart of your business.