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Huizinga Enterprises, Inc. (HEI) presents quality Industrial Electrical Design services for many facilities. These professional services include construction documents to be used in bid build or design build projects. HEI works along with facility operators, general contractors, project architects and many other industry consultants to assure the design phase, the integration phase and then the implementation of your facility’s electrical systems to help comply with relevant regulatory codes and active industry specifications.

Industrial Electrical Design


Industrial Electrical Design

Just some of our Industrial Electrical Design services include:

Lighting Design

Innovative lighting system design is important for industrial and commercial facilities. Our experienced team works hard to choose fixture styles and light control systems that suit the demands of your project.

Power Distribution Design

HEI works in conjunction with serving utilities to make certain the electrical services to our customers’ facilities are appropriately sized and coordinated. Power distribution design extends from the electrical service entry point to individual distribution panel boards, motor control centers and other additional systems. Power distribution is created to meet the requirements each facility’s electricity load. The experienced Industrial Electrical staff at HEI provides specs, diagrams, panel board schedules and load evaluation for all types of projects.

Motor Controls and Automation

These projects range from local station controls to totally automated, integrated control. HEI works to assure motor control systems are integrated for the needs of each customer.

Power Quality Solutions

Low or poor power quality increases the stress placed on a facility’s electrical system. With time this elevated electrical stress can shorten the lifespan of the equipment. Besides system deterioration, insufficient power quality can result in unexpected shutdowns within your facility’s electrical system.

Energy Efficiency Audits

Our expertise in Industrial Electrical Design allows us to help our customers benefit from energy efficiency audits. These services can include system efficiency reports and system recommendations that help identify ways to make your facility more energy efficient and cost effective.