Industrial Electrical Contractor Naperville  – Contemporary industrial electrical systems are becoming remarkably intricate, with many computerized systems that demand a greater standard of expertise to perform maintenance and repair than in years past

At Huizinga Enterprises Inc., we’re a highly trained team of Industrial Electrical Contractor Naperville with a broad understanding of the sophistication of today’s systems. We provide industrial electrical service upgrades on schedule with minimum impact to your facility’s daily operations. We’re available 24/7 to conduct the essential upgrades that work with your budget and meet compliance standards.


Industrial Electrical Contractor Naperville

Industrial Electrical Contractor Naperville

Entrusting your site’s electrical needs to an inexperienced Industrial Electrical Contractor Naperville can be an expensive oversight. Faulty maintenance or upgrades could potentially cause equipment breakdowns, appliance failure, electric systems errors, unneeded down time and production losses that cost you money. Let HEI’s well trained, licensed, insured and bonded electricians provide real solutions for all your electrical repair and maintenance needs.

Just a few of our specialties include problem solving, AC and DC drives, alterations, safety equipment and several other industrial controls. If you need regular scheduled upkeep or fast service repair on short notice our Industrial Electrical Contractor Naperville team is simply a quick call away for solutions to problems with lathes, mills, processing plants, compressors, electric motors, generators, lighting services, air conditioning, refrigeration control, electrical installation, upgrades and modifications, condition reports, audits, power tools, building electric and lighting system maintenance, programmable logic control and more.

Let Huizinga Enterprises Inc., be your Industrial Electrical Contractor Naperville of choice for your next maintenance, repair or upgrade needs.

As a full service electrical contractor, Huizinga Enterprises Inc. offers professional services in both industrial and commercial electrical applications. While the terms “industrial” and “commercial” are used often many people may be unaware of the differences between these two specialties. Each requires different areas of training and may be applied in different conditions. The foundation for both industrial and commercial lies within basic electrical understanding, but the application is what really defines the two.

Commercial electrical work is generally the more commonly practiced. Typically the environment that a commercial electrician works in is accessible to the general public. Retail stores, restaurants and office buildings are a few common examples where commercial electrical work would be performed. Commercial electrical work is to assure that wiring and electrical components of a structure are performing correctly and safely.

On occasion, commercial electricians may work on a high voltage electrical systems or generators that accompany large commercial heating or air conditioner units. The fundamental tasks and daily responsibilities typically involve certain equipment.

Industrial Electrical Contractor requires extensive and specific training. At Huizinga Enterprises Inc. our electricians are all well-qualified and stay updated on the latest techniques and best practices in the industry. Production and manufacturing locations have electrical power needs that are significantly different than the general services often needed in other areas of the electrical market.

Industrial Electrical Contractor Naperville is always ready with solutions to varied electrical components that may be connected to or part of the facility machines that are both critical and costly. This makes the precision of this type of work essential as well.

Industrial sites that have certain or very wide-ranging electricity requirements call for Industrial Electrical Contractor with comprehensive, specified training. While in some cases a minor miscalculation in a commercial or residential situation can usually be remedied quickly, there is little room for error on the industrial side. The performance of electrical parts and machines are fundamental to contemporary industry. At Huizinga Enterprises Inc., we understand this and always aim to provide excellent service to our industrial clients without delay and with minimal disruption to daily operations.

For an Industrial Electrical Contractor Naperville you can depend on call us today at 630-216-5794.