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HEI provides top quality Industrial Contract Maintenance solutions for repairs, new equipment installations, and all industrial maintenance electrical demands. Our experienced electricians possess the expertise needed to solve your maintenance concerns regardless of their complexity. HEI’s electricians can apply your facility’s electrical maintenance plans to assure operations continue without disruption or delays. Basically, you’ll have the advantages that come with having a full-time electrician on site but at a substantially lower cost.

Industrial Contract Maintenance


Industrial Contract Maintenance

HEI can customize a plan that is based upon the needs of your industrial or commercial facility and keep a schedule that assures it will be functioning at optimum performance on schedule and in line with your budget. HEI’s commitment to safe practices and strict quality control guidelines guarantee that your projects meet your goals in addition to industry standards.

Keeping your facility or commercial site operating efficiently is very important to us. Whether you prefer a structured schedule or one with flexibility, HEI will coordinate along with you and your managers to develop a managed maintenance program that delivers solutions for your company. We have Industrial Contract Maintenance experience in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, power generation, waste water treatment facilities and much more.

Achieving success in any industry can be nearly impossible without dependable equipment and technology. But with HEI providing your Industrial Contract Maintenance, you can assure equipment dependability throughout your entire facility. Our contract maintenance expertise can save you money through improving production performance and a significant decrease in malfunctions and downtime. Through our team’s experience, tools and commitment, HEI can improve the overall equipment effectiveness of your facility. As a result, improved efficiency and quality will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Get started today with HEI!