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Welcome to Huizinga Enterprises! We have a well-earned tradition of electrical expertise in the industrial marketplace for a range of clients in the greater Chicago region. We have done electrical work for many manufacturing, warehouse, and industrial facilities, developing enduring relationships with our many clients.

Experienced and prepared to take on virtually any Industrial Electrician Elk Grove Village project, Huizinga Enterprises, Inc. offers top-notch, cost-effective solutions for every phase of your operations. From strategy and planning an upgrade for your facility’s equipment, to repairs, new equipment installation and preventative maintenance that saves money, we provide clients with a straightforward, accurate evaluation of their electrical needs and projects and deliver superior service they can depend on.


Industrial Electrician Elk Grove Village

Industrial Electrician Elk Grove Village

At Huizinga Enterprises, Inc., we put top priority on keeping your facility running without disruptions. We take the time and apply best practices and use the quality tools we need to successfully manage upgrades, supply energy saving audits and apply the most recent technical solutions for your benefit. Our licensed, bonded and insured business remains dedicated to workmanship and excellent service in the Industrial Electrician Elk Grove Village marketplace.

An Industrial Electrician Elk Grove Village for a Competitive Field

Regardless of their scope and size, industrial facilities are complex operations with very distinct requirements when it comes to electrical power. Huizinga Enterprises has vast experience in quality electrical services for industry. Facilities today typically have more sophisticated electrical needs, with technological changes happening more and more often.

It’s most important than ever to keep an industrial operation functioning at peak performance. Our team makes every effort we can to meet the needs of our valued clients and assure their complete satisfaction.

Power upgrades and adjustments to service are an essential need for today’s leading industrial locations. Our well-trained Industrial Electrician Elk Grove Village can create smart solutions for extending the effective lifespan of an older facility. With our lengthy and detailed experience in making industrial improvements that last, Huizinga Enterprises, Inc. can implement retrofits that will make your facility’s electrical design more effective than ever – while also keeping everything in full compliance with environmental energy standards.

If you are initiating an entirely new construction endeavor or upgrading an existing system, our Industrial Electrician Elk Grove Village personnel is ready to partner with you. We make every effort to make your vision a practical reality and ensure that the best solutions are put in place from the very first day on the job.

Over the course of our years in the industry, Huizinga Enterprises, Inc. has provided affordable electrical solutions for facilities of many sizes, forming successful client relationships that stand the test of time. Our industrial clients in Elk Grove Village and other communities know that when HEI comes on board as their contractor, we’ll provide great service that is safe and effective for the long term.

Why Choose Huizinga Enterprises, Inc.?

While always staying in compliance with relevant electrical codes and regulations, our personnel uses quality electrical supplies and best practices. Our licensed Industrial Electrician teams are continually educated on the latest technology and applications to better serve our clients.

We understand that any kind of disruption in a facility’s electrical system can potentially lead to significant headaches and loss of productivity that hurts the bottom line. That’s why we offer our clients a variety of affordable solutions for all your electrical needs:

*Huizinga Enterprises, Inc., is a family owned and operated business with a track record of success
*We continually demonstrate a high level of integrity and reliability
*Our rates are very competitive

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