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For homeowners with a knack for DIY projects, it’s often tempting to try to save expenses by doing electrical projects on their own. Certainly, this is fine when it comes to changing out light bulbs or perhaps installing a light fixture. However, for more complex electrical issues it’s typically smarter – and safer – to hire a licensed electrician. Contact Huizinga for the following electrician services:

Upgrades and Installation

Don’t allow your residential electrical system to fall into disrepair and prevent you from benefitting from technology. Contact Huizinga to discover more about how we can upgrade your aging electrical systems and make your house more user-friendly.

Repairs and Diagnosis

Like plumbing and yard maintenance, occasional electrical problems are just part of homeownership. Our licensed, experienced electricians can save you money, time and aggravation by promptly diagnosing even the most challenging electrical matters. We perform quality repairs safely and correctly, which restores proper electrical functions to your home as soon as possible.

Electrical System Improvements

Huizinga can professionally install a variety of electrical equipment to improve your home. For example, we install lighting, ceiling fans, circuit breaker upgrades, electrical panels and lots more. Let our expert electricians introduce you to the advantages that electrical upgrades can present. At affordable rates, we can help make your home more efficient while also improving safety and market value.

Residential Electrical Safety and Security

The electricians at Huizinga possess the expertise and latest training to assure the safety and security of your Illinois home. For instance, we can identify hidden wiring problems, fire hazards and other common issues that can place your household at risk. Contact Huizinga today to schedule an electrical safety assessment today.

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Custom Exterior Lighting for Illinois Homes

Is it time to consider a lighting upgrade at your home? Take advantage of the wide selection of affordable, efficient and attractive lighting option available today. For a fully custom solution to your home’s lighting needs, contact Huizinga today.

Save on Your Home’s Energy Costs

Huizinga can help you save money each month on your electrical bills. Our electricians can show you innovative ways to make your home more energy efficient. From basic lighting improvements to solar and Energy Star solutions, we have the expertise to help you realize savings.

Reliable Maintenance for Your Home’s Electrical System

Consistent maintenance of your residential electrical system helps prevent the hassle of sudden repairs. Maintenance also assures your electronics remain in top condition while also assuring safe electrical function in general.

The Huizinga Difference – Safety is Number One

Hiring an experienced electrical contractor safeguards your household against the potential hazards of subpar electrical work. Structural challenges and age-related electrical complications, for instance, are problems many homeowners face when it comes to electrical systems. A licensed electrician can authoritatively assess wiring and repair faulty electrical installations. Accountability is another benefit to hiring an electrician because we must pull necessary permits to perform our work. In addition, permits mean that electrician jobs are subject to inspection. These steps serve to keep your home safe.

Results Homeowners Can Rely On

Trained and licensed electricians at Huizinga perform quality work – we simply get it done right the first time. Contact Huizinga for:

-Comprehensive, dependable services for all your home’s electrical needs.

-Solutions to any electrical issue. From basic lighting upgrades to complex wiring or other improvements, no job is too big or too small.

-We’ll provide the information you need to make well-informed decisions regarding electrical matters for your home.

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A Safe Electrical System is Essential for Overall Home Safety

Malfunctions or electrical system failures can result in dangerous safety risks. Without a doubt, consistent maintenance is important for preventing risks such as fire hazards. The following are some common indicators that you should contact an electrician:

-Electrical system malfunction. Some older conventional single-family homes don’t have the structure to support contemporary electrical requirements. Consequently, this can lead to inconsistent service and even shutdowns if overloading occurs. This typically is due to two causes: a fuse blows or the circuit breaker will trip. Either of these issues are sure signs that the circuit draws too much current.

Certainly, this calls for an immediate upgrade of your home’s electrical system.

-Flickering or dimming lights. When too many appliances are use at once, the result may be an electrical system overload. An overload can happen even when the system is adequate. For example, a residential air conditioner and refrigerator both need a lot of amount of power to keep running. These major appliances can result in service interruption or lighting malfunctions if they’re on the same circuit. The ideal solution is to connect the appliances to their respective circuits.

-Using multiple extension cords. There are quite a few residential fires that occur every year resulting from extension cords. This is not a sign that extensions cords on their own are hazardous. Problems happen when homeowners don’t use them correctly. Many homes do not have enough electrical outlets. As a result, they tend to overload the outlets they do have with too many extension cords. The best solution is to hire an electrician to install additional outlets. This will not only prevent you from tripping over extension cords but also significantly lower the risk of fire.

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-Feels warm. The switches and outlets in your home should not feel warm regardless of how much electricity you use. If this does occur, it is a sign that your circuit is overloading. This creates the risk of electrical shock when touching a circuit or switch. Certainly, this presents a critical safety hazard to anyone in the household. Although there may be no need for a total system upgrade, you’ll certainly need rewiring in some areas.

-Aging electrical components. Likewise, as with other major components of a residential property, time takes its toll on electrical systems. Indeed, some things simply wear down with age and use. If it’s been several years since your last home electrical inspection, consider scheduling one sooner rather than later. Some of the more frequent age-related issues electricians find are rust, outdated circuits and inadequate wiring. It’s always a good practice to have an electrician perform a thorough electrical system assessment.

Stay Safe with a Residential Electrical System Safety Inspection

Electrical issues remain among the largest causes of residential property damage from home fires across the nation. To find and resolve any electrical safety concerns at your Illinois home, schedule an electrical safety inspection by Huizinga today. Our experienced electricians can identify any potential safety hazards and present a checklist of suggestions for your home. A licensed, experienced electrical contractor from Huizinga can upgrade your residential system. This is critical for reducing the risk of power failure, service interruptions and malfunctions that create safety risks.

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Commercial Electrical Services

In addition to our residential side, Huizinga also provides professional commercial electrician services for Chicagoland. For example, we can install dedicated circuit breakers for commercial buildings. It’s not uncommon for offices to have several computers drawing electricity. To prevent blown fuses and circuit breaker trips, a dedicated circuit breaker provides a solution. The breaker serves to control the computer systems only. That means that other electric appliances in the office won’t knock the computers out of commission when they switch on.