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Call on an experienced electrical contractor for your next project, preventive maintenance or upgrade! Huizinga Enterprises, Inc. is an established local company with considerable expertise in a variety of electrical services. Commercial and industrial sites of any size can depend on us for affordable electrical work that gets results.

Our very knowledgeable Electrician Naperville IL team has a record of overseeing projects successfully from beginning to end. Our services run the gamut from indoor and outdoor power distribution for lights, new installation and machine connections. In addition, we can perform startup phase, troubleshooting and speedy repairs that minimize downtime. Furthermore, our team is qualified to do electrical service designs and new system installation, along with single and three-phase installations. We can also conduct control designs and install industrial automation.

Electrician Naperville IL for Industrial Locations

Huizinga Enterprises is an experienced contractor that always finishes each project with precision. We work within the specific requirements of each industrial or production facility we serve. When you bring us onto your project, we’ll synchronize seamlessly with your designers and builders. Consequently, we assimilate the electrical systems into each aspect of the project.

Areas of service Huizinga Enterprises provides include:

Huizinga Enterprises remains dedicated to ensuring our industrial clients can access our electrical expertise. In addition, our clients look to us as a source of the latest information on efficient, affordable solutions. We serve as a dependable partner to help verify every project finishes correctly, on time, on budget and in compliance with safety guidelines.

Your Source for Electrical Services in Naperville – Electrician Naperville IL

As electricity systems continue to evolve, industrial sites are increasingly more complex operations. Consequently, they tend to have their own unique electricity requirements. Our electricians possess considerable expertise in delivering quality electrical services for industrial sites in Chicagoland. If you’re ready to start your next upgrade or if you need maintenance call us today.

Electrician Naperville IL – Affordable Services for the Business Community

Huizinga Enterprises is a leader in electrical services for industrial clients. However, we also offer the same expertise for commercial electrical projects as well. If you’re constructing a new retail outlet, office building, restaurant or farm count on us for your electrical needs!

Agricultural Electrical Systems

Our Electrician Naperville IL services extend to agricultural properties. We can assist you in construction of an agricultural operation. Likewise, we can upgrade an existing site regardless of how small or large the property might be. Based upon our experience as a leading electrical services provider, we can help you to utilize an electrical system to support your agricultural operation. For example, we can install interior and exterior lighting, grounding systems, stray voltage and wiring.

Churches and Municipal Centers

The lighting design of a church or community facility is critical for creating an atmosphere that welcomes visitors. A good lighting design calls for detailed understanding of lighting and how it establishes an appropriate setting. Smart lighting design entails more than simply installing fixtures and connecting wires. Various kinds of lights can have different effects on spaces and rooms regardless of their size.

Commercial Lighting

Locating a high-quality electrical contractor is no easy feat. However, it becomes even more critical when managing larger-scale, commercial sites. Large projects can cover a range of industries, structures and construction designs. This is especially true when you’re working on a job that establishes the electrical system for commercial buildings. Naturally, lighting is among the most essential requirements for any commercial building.

There are many varieties of commercial lighting an Electrician Naperville IL can install to properly outfit a building. From school campuses to retail shops, each building must fulfill different lighting goals.

For example, lighting in sports facilities and large arenas are projects that carry unique requirements and objectives. The lighting should be functional, bright and capable of withstanding weather conditions. This is quite different in comparison to the commercial lighting needs of a grocery store.

Lighting at such locations has to be bright in an indoor environment rather than outdoors. Installation is very different in this type of indoor setting. A capable electrician understands the different aspects of these various projects and, consequently, handles them appropriately.

At Huizinga Enterprises, we understand how to manage a wide range of commercial and industrial locations. We stock a large inventory of products and equipment. As a result, our clients don’t have to face delays while waiting on materials and equipment orders. We begin on schedule and see each project through to the end.

For more about our electrical services, contact our offices today. We look forward to talking with you.

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Accurate commercial lighting type and placement is an essential contributor to safety and productivity. Our Electrician Naperville IL team can help with both indoor and outdoor commercial lighting. As a result, your commercial location will look its best and remain safe 24/7. We have a lot of experience with most varieties of new construction, enabling us to help develop a good lighting plan.

Also, our experience applies to not only functional lighting, but to what your building needs for occupancy and compliance. We’ll be available later on as well if things wear down or need changing. If damage occurs to any of your commercial lights, we’ll dispatch an electrician promptly.

We have the equipment and qualifications to handle your commercial lighting needs from day one.

Electrician Naperville IL – Commercial Wiring

Commercial wiring serves a critical role at your business location, regardless of building size and design. That’s why it is so essential to confirm that your wiring is code compliant and fulfills safety standards. At Huizinga Enterprises Inc. we perform dependable commercial wiring installation. In addition, we assist with the repair and maintenance commercial wiring for older businesses in Chicagoland.

When commercial wiring is within walls and above ceilings it can become outdated if it’s over 30 years old. As commercial wiring gets older, it risks becoming a source of problems such as electrical fires. Our expert Electrical Naperville team can perform a thorough inspection of your wiring. An inspection enables us to address any safety issues. Then, we can provide solutions that keep your wiring in good condition and safe for daily use.

Commercial and Industrial Electricians

It’s a priority for us to deliver the affordable solutions you require for your commercial electrical system. If you’re noticing signs of electrical problems contact us without delay. Likewise if you’re unsure that your building is code compliant and as safe as you’d like it to be. Additionally, we’re happy to install commercial wiring for your new business locations in Chicagoland too.

If you have inquiries about our commercial or industrial electrical services call us today to schedule a service appointment.

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Experience. With our experienced team, there is no project too big or small. We can perform basic electrical maintenance tasks for your business or install new wiring at your new addition. – Electrician Naperville IL

Safety. We place safe practices above all else. Our electricians are licensed, bonded and always current on the latest and best practices in our industry. – Electrician Naperville IL

Quality. Our quality of workmanship remains second-to-none. Call Huizinga Enterprises, Inc. today and get started with Electrician Naperville IL!