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Managing electrical systems and the overall power systems that serves them through one integrated control system can substantially reduce costs while also providing a better overview of an industrial facility. Systems that support process and power automation within the same facility are sometimes separated. This separation can be due to a lack of shared communication, different architectural setups, and differences among departments at the facility.

Electrical Integration


Electrical Integration

At Huizinga Enterprises, Inc., our Electrical Integration specialists draw from an extensive background based on our experience and our exposure to multiple different industries. We are also a company that continually stays updated on emerging technology that impacts our industry. From upgrading a component to the design of a totally new system, our team aims to give our customers an efficient design that matches their exact needs.

An essential part of our Electrical Integration services includes specific information that we provide with each project. A big part of our company’s philosophy is to always maintain good communication lines with our customers. We want our customers to be informed as we proceed. Huizinga Enterprises concentrates on total customer care from design strategy all the way through to project completion with clear attention to details and consistent communication to fulfill and surpass our customers’ expectations.

Ever since our company was incorporated, we have continuously provided our quality Electrical Integration and other electrical services to a variety of manufacturing locations, contractors, facility managers and retail managers. As we have grown and developed over the years, Huizinga Enterprises has consistently acquired the latest, most innovative equipment that allows us to deliver the best results to our customers. Our qualified team has the expertise to complete projects of all sizes commercial or industrial.

For Electrical Integration that makes your facility more efficient and more cost effective, call Huizinga Enterprises at 888-505-3147.